BWR Plywood

BWR Plywood

BWR Grade Plywood, IS: 303

KORRA GOLD Plywood is a high-performance product, manufactured with utmost care and perfection in India’s most advance manufacturing plant. It is manufactured with plantation timber grown by farmers to preserve the environment. It is made with four times pressed technology by MAT ply process.

Each core and panel veneer is fix to 6.0% moisture content and the bonding process is done using highly viscous Phenolic resin with a solid content of 60.0 %. Every GOLD Plywood is 2 times pressed under the controlled heat of 150°C and extreme pressure to compress the veneer-resin pack to obtain superior quality in every piece of Plywood.

For maximum Protection against termites and borer, it is treated with specially formulated chemicals, enabling every inch of Plywood protected from ‘Termite and Borer’.

The completely Calibrated GOLD plywood is dimensionally stable and amazingly durable plywood, which ensures satisfaction for entire woodworking needs for a designer and the house owner. KORRA GOLD Plywood is available in BWR grade, Medium Density, conforming to IS 303 for every wood working needs.


Kitchen, Wardrobes, Tables, Partitions, Panelling’s, Structural Home Building, Subfloors, Shipping Crates, Wall Bracing, Roof Bracing Walls, Outdoor Floorings, Roof Linings and Stables, Garden furniture, Tables, Chairs, Benches, Decking, Porches, Arbours Pergolas, Planters, etc.